Jessy Bradish Comes To LWV Moderator’s Defense

It appears as though the 27 year old daughter, Jessy Bradish, of the League of Women Voters moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, is busy defending her mother’s decision not to allow the Pledge to be recited at the recent political forum held in Grayslake. Jessy Bradish, who goes by the user name JessyB23 is busy posting the same comment on numerous blogs and sites that depict her Mom as being un-American.


Jessy Bradish                    Kathy Tate Bradish

Her postings include:
“All candidates, including Walsh, signed off on the agenda ahead of time. Walsh clearly knows the Pledge will be recited, pushing his chair back immediately. And he used the tape in a campaign ad! This was clearly a planned event, and the fact that a forced disruption is being framed as patriotism is sad.

The Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t prove patriotism, participating in a civil debate about policy does. This ‘phony patriotism’ is distracting from the REAL issues America faces.”

Does it sound similar to what her mother and LWV superior, Jan Czarnik, released to the press after the flack began?

Jessy Bradish is a 2005 graduate of Oberlin College and majored in English and Political Science. Since that time she has tried various avenues of interest but a look at her LinkedIn page appears that she is still searching for her niche in life. She accompanied her mother to Kenya as a video photographer and “Trained schools and community groups on sex education including HIV/AIDS and women’s rights.”

Jessy Bradish also enjoys stand up comedy and has appeared at Second City.

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