Joe Walsh Addresses Our Youth at “Celebration of Freedom”

Congressman Joe Walsh was the closing speaker at an event called “Celebration of Freedom” held at the Living Waters Assembly of God in Grayslake last Saturday evening. It was hosted by Tom Weber and Dorian Boliaux from the Lake County 912 Patriots.

Joe Walsh with youths at the "Celebration of Freedom" event, February 25, 2012
Joe Walsh with youths at the "Celebration of Freedom" event, February 25, 2012

(This was the announcement)
Celebration of Freedom
“An evening of patriotism through the eyes of our youth.”
Join us for a special night of music and celebration. We have some very special guests who want to share their views and patriotism. These young adults are why we need to be involved. Please spread the word to friends and family of all ages. Closing Speaker:Congressman Joe Walsh.
Hosted By: Tom Weber and Dorian Boliaux

“Shouldering the burden, a youthful outlook on our National Debt.”
Charlie Kirk 18 years old Wheeling High School
Mike Diamond 18 years old Buffalo Grove High School
What impact will the decisions being made today have on future generations?
How do THEY feel about these decisions? Since they will bear the heavy burden of the
Policies being enacted today, what do young adults have to say about those policies?

“We the People” A Celebration of our Constitution
Group of Christian home school students in Lake County trying to impact our culture.
Members of the Institute for Cultural Communicators

Solid-Aire Band
Walt and Mary Laakkonen

“Patriotism through the eyes of a 10 year old”
Special Guest and Patriot: Evelyn Raymond 10 yrs old

This was a very moving event, listening to the youth (who will inherit our debt) talk about what the Preamble to the Constitution means to them and what our forefathers envisioned for our country. The following video is quite a bit different than Joe’s usual town hall and Cup of Joe speeches in that it is directed to a much younger audience.

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