Joe Walsh ‘Listens’ At Fox Lake Front Park Meeting

With only two days notice, Fox Lake Mayor Ed Bender and his staff helped set up facilities for Joe Walsh’s first post-election town hall meeting.

Mayor Ed Bender, who arranged the meeting on two days notice, introduces Joe Walsh

With a crowd estimated at just over 100 mostly local residents, Walsh began his ‘listening’ tour prior to taking office in early January. Followed by a short introduction by Mayor Bender, Walsh spent well over an hour taking questions from audience members.

Joe Walsh hammers home a point on job creation

Some in the audience read from multi-page scripts
with other members often asking “So, what’s the question?”

Several guests commented on their hope that Walsh would stay true to his word on several of his campaign promises and also not become an absentee Representative like his predecessor became over the years.

Questions on the massive Federal funding and its authorization were discussed

Some talked about the difficulties many local business owners are struggling with

The next scheduled ‘listening’ event will be held on December 12th from noon to 1:30 at the Lake Zurich police Department, 200 Mohawk Trail in Lake Zurich. Everyone is welcome.

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