Joe Walsh Plans To Sue the Chicago Sun-Times

Walsh Claims to be Falsely Accused

Rep. Joe Walsh to sue the Sun-Times
Rep. Joe Walsh to sue the Sun-Times

On his Walsh Freedom website, former Congressman Joe Walsh has clearly stated that he plans to sue the Chicago Sun-Times over a story that was posted online today. On his Walsh Freedom site he stated:

I have never shirked my financial responsibility for my children. The Sun Times has had a vendetta against me since I was first elected. I will no longer take it. I have had to live with the “deadbeat dad” label, even though the original case against me was dropped one year ago, and my ex-wife acknowledged that I have always been a loving and supportive father.

This article by the Sun Times is a deliberate attempt to defame me, and I will sue them immediately. My adult children have been my life. I pledged to them two years ago that I would fight these charges privately to keep them out of the news, but with the Chicago Sun Times fabricating a story, I am, at long last, going to fight back

Sun Times article by Natasha Korecki
Sun Times article by Natasha Korecki

Walsh goes on to say:

Two weeks ago, I did what every other father who is paying child support is supposed to do — by law — when their employment situation changes — I modified my support agreement. With my Congressional term ending on January 3, and with my ex-wife having been paid in full through my term in Congress, by law, I filed a modification of my support payments for my remaining un-emancipated child for these next four months. This modification called for me to pay my ex-wife 20% of my net income during these four months, which is my responsibility by law.

This is what the law requires me to do, and I’ve met that obligation. I’ve only been out of Congress for a month, and I expect to be employed again very soon. Regardless, I will continue with my child support payments by law until my son Patrick is emancipated.

This action was not done surreptitiously or with any malice towards my ex-wife. I did exactly what the law required me to do. Nothing was covered-up. Nothing was hidden.

A later edition showed a relatively different headline as you can see HERE

Most websites use “permalinks” in the URL that reflect the words used in the Title to the article to get them to appear better on keyword searches. As you can see where the little white arrow is pointing in the following screenshot, the Sun-Times follows that type of method and the article’s URL clearly reflects what was used as the ORIGINAL title to the article as shown below:

Sun-Times article's "Permalinks" reveal the original title that was used
Sun-Times article’s “Permalinks” reveal the original title that was used

UPDATE 2-12-13
It appears as though the Chicago Sun-Times has re-submitted the article as a new page since the “permalinks” now match the article’s title (look where little white arrow is pointing). I’m not sure WHY they didn’t take down the other page since it also still shows up (meaning there are now two pages saying identical things except they have different URL (perma)links.

Duplicate page being hosted by Chicago Sun-Times showing new permalinks
Duplicate page being hosted by Chicago Sun-Times showing new permalinks

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