Joe Walsh Post-Election Town Hall Meeting

Listen to what Joe Walsh had to say at the first post-election Town Hall meeting held at the Crystal Lake City Hall which included Senator-elect Mark Kirk, Congressman-elect Joe Walsh and State Representative Mike Tryon on November 20, 2010.

[The camera’s motion sensor was kept busy trying to stay in focus due to Joe’s moving about (and blocked by people sitting in front of me) plus a bright wall light directly behind him kept playing tricks on the light sensor]


Who would have thought that a town hall meeting immediately after an election would draw any kind of crowd. We would estimate that the seating capacity of the Crystal Lake City Hall is approximately 300. As you can see from the three photos below there were people still trying to get in the door 1/2 hour after it started and they finally had many of them sit where the officials usually sit under the city plaque. Even at that, there were still people standing against the walls with well over 400 in attendance. Another thing we noticed was the age group. Most were close to retirement or already past that age.

Crowd still trying to get in 1/2 hour after the start


Not a single seat left empty, with people lining the walls!


State Representative Mike Tryon was one of the speakers


Senator-elect Mark Kirk goes over his Small Business Bill Of Rights
and gives everyone direct contact information for both he and Walsh

 Senate-elect Mark Kirk put on a very informative slide show presentation showing why we need to reign in spending. A couple of the charts that he showed appear below.

Chart showing that the United States is now spending over double what it takes in


Chart showing that China will now overtake us in GDP by 2027
rather than the earlier projected 2040


Questions were taken randomly throughout the audience,
not like what the League of Women Voters did in Grayslake


Many were concerned about Social Security reductions


This brave young Scout asked about funding for private schools

On this young Scouts question Kirk and Walsh tended to differ. Walsh stated that he felt students should get equal assistance no matter which type of school they attended. Kirk, on the other hand, said this was not the time for the Federal government to get involved in another costly undertaking.

And finally, to take a cue from Cal Skinner at
Here is the T-Shirt of the evening


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