Walsh Silences Duckworth in First Debate

Walsh silenced Duckworth when asked if she would have bailed out the banks
Walsh silenced Duckworth when asked if she would have bailed out the banks

Congressman Joe Walsh was finally able to get Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth to agree on a few debates with the first one being tonight on CLTV and WGNtv. This was the first of four that Duckworth reluctantly agreed to between now and the November election. After getting trounced by Walsh in ‘Round One’ we can see why she was so reluctant to debate the fiery Tea Party Congressman.

Walsh silenced Duckworth when asked if she would have bailed out the banks. Instead she said that she didn’t want to talk about the past but about the future. Here is a candidate that wants your vote in November but is unwilling to tell you how she would have voted on major policy issues in recent past. How would she have voted on the auto bailout? What are her thoughts on the recent Supreme Court Justice appointments? My gosh, if we don’t know how she would have voted, even with hindsight to her advantage, what would make us decide to elect her? To me she may have a lot of military smarts since that is about all she has been involved in since she enlisted in the service. However, when it comes to knowing anything about the banking situation or the auto manufacturing debacle, she falls flat on her nose. Why is it that she doesn’t want to discuss past policy decisions (as if she knows anything about them) but likes to talk about HER past military service and decided to play the sympathy card in her closing remarks?

She has refused to say whether she supports Obama’s budget yet calls the Republicans budget and Tea Partyers in general “Crackpots”. The suggestions that she came up with to cut spending and create jobs weren’t enough to fund the government for a day, let alone create any jobs. While she keeps herself occupied clipping coupons to save a few bucks at Walgreen’s, Walsh is busy trying to create jobs and save the voters of this District from the big spenders in Washington who still have not passed a balanced budget (or any budget in the last three years).

Duckworth tried again and again to hammer away at Walsh’s accomplishments during his time in Washington which made her appear totally uninformed about all the bills he has introduced. The fact of the matter is, several have gotten through the House only to die at Senator Harry Reid’s doorstep. Duckworth questioned Walsh’s stand on contraception with a total misunderstanding of the issue in question. As Walsh pointed out to her, the issue was separation of church and State, not whether he’s against contraception.

Hopefully by the time the second debate comes around Duckworth will have done a little more homework on her opponent and also come up with some plans that result in ‘billions’ of dollars in savings rather than mere ‘millions’ That’s like hoping a few pennies will buy you lunch.

Round One clearly goes to Congressman Joe Walsh

Here are links to the videos from CLTV.com so you can watch it and judge for yourself. Be sure that you don’t miss Part 4 around 08:30 minutes for Duckworth’s soon-to-be-famous “Crackpot” comment.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 

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  • elaine

    Joe I didn’t see you winning anything,a debate is suppose to show what you will do in the future to help your people within your district.Not to go back on ancient history,what you were trying to do,is to bully her,it didn’t work,and you couldn’t budge her.I give Tammy debate 1

  • Lincoln Wept

    I don’t know which is more disgusting: the asinine racist illustration at the top of your post, the amazingly cheap and ignorant debate tactic used by the dead-beat liar Walsh, or your love of his stupidity. But then, why would I not suspect such a bottom feeder mentality from someone who’s blog pretends to be about a school district. You’re like a cyber version of Chester-The-Molester, stalking those who think they’re checking out the real Dist. 116.

    Joe wants to know about the bank bail-outs? Why? Joe has publicly stated that the banks didn’t cause our economic crisis, and supports no controls over banks engaging in highly speculative investments. And, Joe seems to forget that the banks and the people of the country bailed him out when he defaulted on the mortgage he agreed to, knowing all along he couldn’t afford the payments. Joe also seemed ignorant of the fact that Chase just lost 2 billion on another speculative venture.

    And this is how you win debates? Good luck with that, nut-job.

    I can’t wait to measure the reaction of my Army and Marine veteran friends over your illustration! Keep it up! You couldn’t sink Walsh’s rat-infested ship any faster!

    • Gene Carey

      So, Lincoln Wept, where exactly is the “real District 116”? Is it out in Urbana or maybe Prosser or even High Mount? Google ‘district 116’ and you will find it being used all over, in every State in the Union in fact. My point is, there is NO ‘real’ district 116. It is nothing more than boundary locations on a map that you or I, local businesses, and census takers can use to define a specific area. If it is troublesome for you to understand that then please use http://www.RoundLakeAreaNews.com in the future rather than get your blood pressure up.

      Since you have an opinion and strong feelings about the bank bailout (which I could care less about) why was it so difficult for Duckworth to tell us what SHE thought about it and how SHE would have voted? Are we supposed to all wait and see what she stands for AFTER the election? Good luck with that type of thinking.

      • Lincoln Wept

        Gene, raising the bank bailout was a cheap debate tactic for a number of reasons. First, it’s irrelevant what Tammy thinks about something that was done in the Bush administration. What is relevant is that Walsh doesn’t even believe that the banking industry had anything to do with the economic crisis we’re just now coming out of. That’s sheer idiocy. What is relevant is that he wants to afford the banking industry free reign to dive into the worst types of market speculation on the dubious assumption that the stockholders will stand guard. Utter nonsense. In both cases it is as if Joe was on another planet as the banks’ cascaded into collapse. I hate the fact that the banks were bailed out under President Bush, but I also understand what could have happened if that hadn’t occurred.

        I noticed you changed your hateful picture. Just like Joe, apologies appear to be beneath you.

        Thank you for the back-end rationalization of your blog name. It still leaves unanswered why anyone seeking information regarding School District 116 should be subjected to your fringe political rambling.

        • Gene Carey

          L.W. ~ I videotaped the Cup-of-Joe at UNO’s where Walsh and Melissa Rakestraw (postal employee) were going toe-to-toe. If you pay attention to what he said it was “Don’t blame the banks for the problems we are in….” And went on to say that they were operating under guidelines setup BY the government in their quest to provide everyone with the ‘American Dream” of home ownership. I sold real estate for thirty years and many loan officers would jokingly say to bring them a buyer with a ‘pulse and a sperm count’ and they could get them a loan, which they always did. The government also encouraged bundling good loans with risky ones and selling them to other investors. This averaged out the risk and again was all above board and sanctioned by the Feds. So, when the housing bubble broke, was it the banks fault or was it the governments fault which not only allowed but encouraged these risky loans? Walsh simply stated a fact that the blame lies solely on those who setup the loan guidelines, not those who abided by them.

          As far as the photo that you didn’t care for, I actually had one showing a dragon being slain but liked the serpentine better, however after listening to Duckworth call all Tea Party ideas ‘Crackpot” ideas the revised one made the point better.

          There have been several bills coming out of the small business sub-committee that Walsh sits on but trying to get them past Harry Reid is the biggest obstacle since he doesn’t want any Republican ideas to gain any traction. Rather than Duckworth continue to accuse Walsh of doing nothing since he has been in Washington I feel that she should at least have a handle on the bills he has proposed. Knowing her opinions of Supreme Court Justices also gives voters a feel for which way she will lean when it comes to policy making.

          As far as the URL that bothers you so much, I purchased it over ten years ago. The school district elected to use RLAS-116 back in 1999 and elected NOT to use the one that I bought. They had a three year head start but have never once contacted me with any issue because my 8,000+ subscriber base, that grows daily, ends up with more info getting into the hands of district viewers than their site will ever generate due to keyword strength. Google ’round lake business directory’ and you will also see that I drive a massive amount of leads to local businesses. District 116 is simply boundaries that allow all four RL villages to be melded into one ‘area’ for convenience purposes since they will never consolidate. (been there, tried that along with Charley Johnston many years ago)

          Lastly, you may want to hang out over at the LakeCountyEye.blogspot where you will find mostly Democrats and people with your lines of thought. There is a link in the right hand column that will take you there. However, you are more than welcome here and your comments post instantly after the first one was approved (for spam purposes)

  • Lincoln Wept

    The more I read your post, the more amazed I am. You say we should know how Tammy feels about Supreme Court appointments. Why? You, and perhaps even Walsh don’t realize that the Senate confirms the appointments. You say Walsh is passing bills to create jobs? Really? Name one. The only bills Walsh has sponsored came directly out of the Heritage Foundation’s legislative mill and are merely blank checks to particular member employers or slash and burn efforts to destroy workers’ rights. How’s that policy workin there in Wisconsin, ay?

    If this sort of obtuse discussion is a component of Walsh’s campaign, well, man the life boats, it’s goin down!

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