Walsh to Quinn: Streamline Returning Veterans Transitioning

Rep. Walsh Urges Governor Quinn to Make Veterans a Priority

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh
Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh

WASHINGTON– Today Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) sent Illinois Governor Pat Quinn an invitation to discuss the difficulty our veterans face when transitioning from military to civilian life. Returning service members face a lengthy credentialing and licensing process that is required for them to transition their skills, training, and experience from the military to civilian workforce. Many industry areas require specific state licenses and credentials, but do not take military training or experience into consideration. Congressman Walsh urged Governor Quinn to streamline the process for our returning service members.

 Walsh stated: “I think it’s absurd that an Air Force mechanic who spent his or her entire military career maintaining $18 million F-16s has to restart his or her credentialing from scratch upon returning home, just to work on civilian aircraft. In Illinois that veteran has to undergo 18 to 30 months of duplicative training.  That’s 18 to 30 months before he or she can start earning a paycheck again.  This is unacceptable—both the service member and the nation lose out.

“I urge Governor Quinn to make this a priority, and I invite the Governor to meet with me and discuss ways we can fix this issue for our returning veterans. This isn’t just about the paycheck, it’s also about making the often difficult transition from military to civilian life as easy and painless as possible for our brave veterans.”

 Congressman Walsh is hosting a veteran’s roundtable on March 15th from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Lake Zurich American Legion Post 964

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  • LCTruth

    Well on this one I can almost agree with Walsh. Just because you can work on a F-16 in the USAF doesn’t mean you can also work on a F-15 or F-22. Likewise your basic understanding of jet propulsion is theory and you have to train airframe specific. 30 moths is probably too long, but you do have to get credentialed regardless if it moving to a different airframe in the military or civilian world.3/15 is a Thursday, who would be able to come to a round table and shouldn’t Walsh be in DC doing our work.

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