Kathy Tate-Bradish Takes Heat On the Internet

The League of Women Voters moderator at Wednesday evenings forum in Grayslake, Kathy Tate-Bradish, continues to take a lot of heat on websites and blogs all over the Internet in response to her answer when asked about saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Many are wondering why she didn’t simply ask “If you would all like to say the Pledge of Allegiance, then please stand and join me”. Yet, she went a different direction, as the flag hung proudly behind her, and fumbled for reasons “I have absolutely nothing for or against saying the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of something like this, but…” (You can hear the rest on the YouTube video below.


Others have brought up her close ties and contributions to the Obama’s and his election including involvement with the “Organizing for America” campaign and whether these close ties tainted her from being an impartial moderator. As one who was in the audience and stood up to say the Pledge, I am now labeled a “Phony Patriot” by the head of the LWV, Executive Director Jan Czarnik who was the “project director” for Chicago’s chapter of Project Vote, a project set up and operated by the now discredited and criminal ACORN organization. I honestly thought as the audience member did, who asked the question, that it was an oversight not to start out by saying the Pledge and that the audience response was simply a spontaneous reaction to a poorly worded answer from the moderator.

There are several media outlets and Melissa Bean supporters proclaiming the audience to be a “Walsh crowd“. I commented to people sitting near me that I was surprised that the place wasn’t already packed at the 6:30 start time. That would certainly indicate that Melissa Bean supporters had ample time to grab any available seats. Where were they, you might ask yourself?

 Below is Joe Walsh’s response to the whole incident immediately following the forum as well as what the Pledge means to most Americans:

When Kathy Tate-Bradish says in this video that “As a teacher…………”, is she showing difficulty in separating herself from total control over her classrooms versus being a moderator at a political forum?

Sometimes we have a tendency to “insert foot in mouth” but with the power of the Internet, doing so can live on forever to haunt us. Will that be the case for Kathy Tate-Bradish and Jan Czarnik?


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  • voted against carter

    You NEED to get rid of this AZZ W H O L E (sp intended) This is WHY our kids have low test scores. I grew up in Park Forest back in the 60’s. Jan was a loser tool then too. Just say’n.

  • LC Truth

    The Pledge was not said at any other forum this year, was not on the agenda, further protocol does not call for the Pledge. However if Walsh wanted the Pledge added, and since it has been well established now he was behind the Pledge Plant, then why three weeks ago when he had the agenda in front of him with the format and rules did he not make a plea?
    All too often in our great country, we are allowing incivility to be masked as patriotism.

  • Jessy

    What changed your tune, editor? You supported the moderator in your original posting about the debate. This is a woman who volunteered her time to make a debate possible – and when the district can’t respect the rules a moderator sets forth, I find it dubious that others will be willing to volunteer in the future. Also, there are a lot of hints pointing towards the fact that Walsh orchestrated this outburst.

    The Pledge of Allegiance was not ‘omitted’ from the debate, it has never been included in League forums. All candidates, including Joe Walsh, signed off on the agenda ahead of time. And Joe Walsh has already participated in League debates this election cycle, where the Pledge was not recited. Go check out Walsh’s official website for an ad he made out of footage of the exchange. Notice how the camera is taping him during the ENTIRE time, never panning to the moderator or audience. Walsh clearly knows the Pledge will be recited, pushing his chair back immediately. And he had access to the tape. This was a planned event, and the fact that a forced disruption is being framed as patriotism is sad.

    If the audience interrupted for any other reason it would be unacceptable. The Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t prove patriotism, participating in a civil debate about policy does. This is distracting from the real issues America faces, and furthers no one except extremist agendas. Forcing the Pledge to be recited, and then using that to define the ‘patriots’ and ‘traitors’, sounds like Third Reich Nationalistic rhetoric. The First Amendment allows everyone to disagree, isn’t designed to force us to participate in lock step with mob forces. When an audience thinks it’s okay to interrupt a forum with their own agenda, no matter the reason, that is disrespectful.

  • editor

    Granted, I have made several revisions to this post but only to add additional comments as well as the two videos. However, never did I post that I supported the moderators action. I was sitting in the front row of the scheduled forum and felt as the individual who asked the question did, that it was an oversight. After the moderator fumbled with her excuses, I like most everyone else, stood and recited the Pledge (with Walsh and Bean supporters on both sides of me standing).

    As far as the video being focused only on Walsh, they were probably more intent on recording his expressions and comments throughout the debate, just like others may have been focused more on Bean and Scheurer. I find that suggesting that it was ‘orchestrated’ by the Walsh camp is a real stretch since you don’t ‘orchestrate’ something without KNOWING the outcome which would mean that Bradish would have had to have been in on it as well. Bradish elected to go a different direction as though she was in her classroom with a bunch of students that she felt she had total control over. She will now have to live with her decision making, as it has found very unfavorable reviews on the internet.

    Those of us who stood and recited the Pledge, are now considered ‘phony Patriots’ (or does that label only apply to the Walsh supporters?).

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