Keith Brin Campaign Donor Has Sweetheart Deal

While looking over donations being contributed to various candidates, we ran across something we found interesting regarding Chief Deputy Clerk, Keith Brin, who is now running for Circuit Court Clerk of Lake County. It seems as though one of his biggest contributors, Harris & Harris Collection Agency in Chicago, has a real sweetheart deal with Lake County when it comes to collecting overdue fines. They appear to be sitting in the driver’s seat as the ‘number one priority’ for people paying off fines.

Harris & Harris $500 donation to Keith Brin's campaign
Harris & Harris $500 donation to Keith Brin's campaign

What does it mean to be in the “number one priority” position? Remember this summer when Island Lake hired a collection agency to collect fines from parking ticket scofflaws? That firm got paid $10 per ticket and their contract was based on the number of tickets that they were able to collect fines on. It appears as though Harris & Harris Collection Agency has an even better deal. Reportedly, they are getting paid before the Court, before the victim, etc. on fines collected due to their ‘priority‘ position. Sure appears to be a pretty sweet deal! This company has been discussed online for some time regarding their tactics, often demanding payments for fines that were already paid. By statute, the State’s Attorney contracts with the collection agency but it must also be approved by the Circuit Court Clerk. We are not here to judge Harris & Harris, Ltd. on their business practices but do wonder if their sweetheart deal with Lake County had anything to do with their $500 political contribution to Keith Brin’s campaign since he would be in a position to renew the contract (and possibly involved in the original approval). Is it just me or does this fail to pass the smell test?

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  • LCTruth

    The GOP has controlled Lake County for 174 years. 97% of (property) taxing entities are GOP controlled (their farm team). Chairman Cook refers to Cook County as Crook County.

    Regardless of what party has power, when one party dominates as the GOP does in Lake County, you have crookedness and cronyism. Brin is another classic example and an appointee being deemed heir apparent.

    I say it is time for change in Lake County. Instead of dominance, I would like to see one party have the majority by one seat. Then and only then will you have compromise and true bi-partisanship.

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