Keith Brin: Gong Show Contestant ~ A Parody

Chief Deputy Clerk Keith Brin
Chief Deputy Clerk Keith Brin
For those of us who enjoyed a good laugh back in the 70’s we often tuned in to watch the amateur talent contest known as The Gong Show. Each show presented a contest between amateur performers of often dubious talent, with a panel of three celebrity judges. Host Chuck Barris would announce the final score and a midget in formal wear would run onstage throwing confetti while balloons dropped from overhead. However, if any judge considered an act to be particularly bad, he or she could strike a large gong, thus forcing the performer to stop.

I couldn’t help but remember this often hilarious show as I watched Kathy Tate-Bradish moderate the recent League of Women Voters candidate forum in Grayslake this past week. When she asked candidate Keith Brin a question regarding whether public dollars are being used for the electronic filing system, guess what could be heard after he said “It’s not tax dollars“?

To make it a bit more entertaining to watch (the forums are rather boring), I put it into a Gong Show parody:

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Brin is being challenged by Gerald Dietz in the Republican primary for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk. The winner will face Democratic candidate Cynthia Pruim Haran who is running unopposed.

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