Kelly Miller Circus Performance in Round Lake Beach

Kelly Miller Circus - Round Lake Beach
Kelly Miller Circus – Round Lake Beach
In case you were unable to attend the one-day Kelly Miller Circus when they were in Round Lake Beach on September 10th, I have put together a 20 minute video to give you an idea of the fun you missed. There were two shows scheduled, one at 4:30 which I thought would have a low attendance with parents still at work, and the second at 7:30 PM. Was I ever mistaken about a small crowd showing up early! As you will see in the video there were hardly any empty seats as kids, parents, and grandparents came to enjoy the circus.

I found an empty seat in the front row but only stayed about twenty minutes so that others could have the seat and watch the show. Outside I saw several elephants ready to perform as well as pony rides for before and after the main shows. If you like to see tigers, camels, zebras, clowns, trapeze artists, and pirates perform, you will need to watch the entire video. ENJOY!

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  • Felicia

    I chose not to go. I understand why they were brought in- most people don’t think about it. But I ask that next time they are considered, that the city look into the cruelty behind these acts. The travel, training, lack of natural surroundings, etc. is very, very hard on the animals. Things we, as patrons, don’t get to see.

    Since doing my own research (several varying sources) I have decided to support only human circuses, where the humans have the choice to work and do so for a paycheck- not out of fear and intimidation like the animals do- no sick days, no time off, no mercy.

    Please look into circus cruelty and decide to hold animal free events. Thank you for listening.

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