Know The Different Tornado Siren Warnings!

With March being the Tornado Awareness Month and also the time that they are most common, it is advised that everyone be aware of the different tornado warning sounds emitted by the area sirens. All villages in District 116 comply with the National guidelines for warning residents of possible tornadoes occurring in the immediate area. Sirens are also tested each month on the first Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Many also have solar panel backups so even if there is a power failure, they will continue to operate.

The following is what you need to know as far as the different types of siren warnings:

Long Steady Siren = If the warning lasts 3 to 5 minutes it means the National Weather Service has issued a warning that the Round lake Area is in the path of a tornado and all residents should prepare to take cover.

Up and Down (Oscillating) Siren = If you hear these lasting 3-5 minutes it means that a tornado has been spotted. This requires IMMEDIATE action on your part and it is VERY important that you take cove IMMEDIATELY. You should go to a basement or a small interior room. If you are outside when you hear this warning, you should take cover in a low ditch or ravine.

NOTE: There is NO ‘All Clear’ siren since tornadoes are unpredictable. Residents are advised to tune in a weather channel for updates but NOT to call 911 just because of stormy weather. The dispatchers have enough to do during turbulent weather so it’s best to tune in your radio for updates.

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  • Kristina Mendoza

    Informative post! Knowing this would really help people understand what to react in case such siren warnings go off.

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