2009 Property Tax Bills Coming In Early May

Just what you weren’t hoping for! Another bill in your mailbox! But we aren’t talking about a little utility bill, we’re talking about a bill that makes no sense based on current property values. Most of you will agree that nobody would pay you the amount that the Avon Assessor’s office says your home is valued at. Even though they continue to say that the ‘value’ is based on a three-year range, there is no way they can warrant such valuations. The biggest problem is that in order to win a tax appeal is that you must find at least three comparable properties that they are taxing for less. It doesn’t matter what those properties sold for, it’s what the assessor has them valued at.

So, let’s say that your assessed value is $240,000 and not one single real estate agent will take the listing priced above $199,900 because they have NO COMPARABLES to show an appraiser who will also be coming in low. It does you no good, though, when it comes to protesting your tax bill. If the assessor can continue to inflate your properties value along with the comparables you chose for your defense, you will lose your tax protest. The game that is played is that you MUST find properties of equal size and amenities that are taxed LESS than your property. Understand that YOU must show that YOU are being unfairly taxed compared to your neighbor with an identical property. It’s most often an impossible task since the bulk are ALL over-assessed in value.

We were expecting to see some relief now that year 2006 fell out of the formula but that was just wishful thinking.

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