Larry Leafblad = Republican Ally or Opportunist?

Larry Leafblad, ally or opportunist?
Larry Leafblad, ally or opportunist?

As the Suzi Schmidt saga continues to play out in the media will her Republican supporters now embrace Larry Leafblad or seek out other candidates who have yet to throw their hat(s) in the ring. Opportunist Leafblad waited until Schmidt’s questionable 911 calls were made public before deciding to make a run against her, saying that Schmidt was “wounded‘ and She’s got a pile of negative that will cost her in a tight race”.

On Tuesday it was reported that he now says It’s sad that it had to end like this, but she has nothing to be ashamed of.

That sure sounds like a two-faced statement coming from someone who previously stated that Schmidt has a pile of negative but now says she has nothing to be ashamed of“. With political friends and allies like opportunist Leafblad, who kicks you in the chops when you’re down instead of helping you get back up, who needs enemies!

Lennie Jarratt Announces 31st State Senate Exploratory Committee
Lennie Jarratt Announces 31st State Senate Exploratory Committee

Melinda Bush, Democratic candidate
Melinda Bush, Democratic candidate

Unless someone else decides to run against opportunist Leafblad in the Republican primary I rather doubt that former Schmidt supporters will be casting their votes for opportunist Larry Leafblad. It was reported that there may be several people considering challenging Leafblad, namely Tea Party activist and taxpayer watchdog Lennie Jarratt of Round Lake Beach who announced on Monday that he has begun the formation of an exploratory committee to seek the 31st State Senate District seat. Right now, time is of the essence since nominating petitions need to be circulated ASAP. The only candidate running on the Democratic side is Melinda Bush who has wisely stayed out of the fray.

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  • LCTruth

    Will be interesting to see how this plays our. Could be upwards of six candidates on the GOP front. Even Cole has been seen passing State Senate petitions. IMHO this is going to be a tuff one for the GOP. Schmidt should have stayed given the short memory span of the voting population.
    The Leaf has a very small circle of influence and would have a hard time swaying voters outside that circle. Cole has a dismal legislative record. Jarratt’s TP influence would mirror that of the Leaf and not representative of the district. Neal would have party support, but will require more than base support in the district.

  • Dan Ronan

    Larry Leafblad would be the best candidate by far and if I lived in the District I would have no hesitation voting for him. I’ve known Larry since 1974 and he is a trusted friend.
    Dan Ronan

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