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Leathers 4U - 982 Rt. 59 - Antioch - 847-838-8700
Leathers 4U – 982 Rt. 59 – Antioch – 847-838-8700
You don’t need to be a biker or motorcycle buff to appreciate all the cool items for sale at Leathers 4U located at the SW corner of Rt. 59 and Rt. 173 in Antioch.

I had a couple of items on my “To Do” list including getting an estimate on reconditioning a well-worn leather jacket (given to me many years ago as a gift) as well as getting a new personalized license plate frame since I’m no longer actively selling real estate. I was able to check both items off of my list after visiting Leathers 4U in Antioch. Luckily I had my video camera along with me and a fully charged battery since I was so impressed that I asked the co-owners, Tim Adkins and Susie Kleiner, if it would be OK for me to shoot a quick video and post it on my local blog. They were both happy to oblige and as you can see in the video below, even got some cameo appearances in the video.

The video may look a bit rushed but walking among the racks and racks of leather goods and other apparel almost required someone to guide me as I was busy staring into the viewfinder. They even let me take some video footage in their shop area where I was able to see Michael reconditioning a leather jacket similar to mine. It sure looked like new when he was finished! He also showed me a custom leather wallet that he was making for an out-of-State buyer, all being done via fax photos and approvals.

Roy Olson surprised me with a personalized license frame
Roy Olson surprised me with a personalized license frame

I didn’t know that they were able to make custom license plate frames until I spoke with Roy Olson who was more than happy to fire up his brand new engraving machine and etch a piece of jewelry and add a custom name on a bikers license plate frame while I watched. While I was busy shooting the cameo shots of Tim and Susie out in the retail area, Roy emerged from the shop and surprised me with a personalized plate that he made with information off of my business card. THANKS, Roy! It’s already on my car! If you would like something like he made for me, he has various colors to add to quality chrome frames. He told me that some of the background colors, like the red, even reflect at night. (847-838-8700 ask for Roy).

Children of Fallen Riders
Children of Fallen Riders

Tim Adkins also owns Carpets 4U II in Wauconda (847-526-5550). That in itself is an interesting story. Several years ago, after applying with a local carpet installing company, he was more-less told that they were unwilling to hire him because of his tattoos, etc. so he opened his own shop. Don’t let that grizzly biker look fool you, though. I found him to be a great and caring individual, especially when it comes to helping riders or their families who have been badly injured or lost their lives. Many years ago he lost a best friend and started a fund to help the family. It has evolved into a foundation called “Children of Fallen Riders“. Several times during the year hundreds of bikers from all over converge at a specified location and go on rides to raise funds for the Foundation. Children of Fallen Riders is a tax deductible organization for those looking to help.

I had a lot of fun while I was at Leathers 4U and like they say in their promo ads, “It’s not just a store, it’s an EXPERIENCE”, which it was. I included three “out-takes” that usually wind up on the cutting room floor, at the end of the video to show just how much fun I had there. If you like anything leather or want to find a really nice gift for someone (like the jacket I received years ago), you will find a great selection at their 3,000 S.F. store. As Tim says in the video, be sure to mention the video and get 15% off!

Enjoy the video!

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My new custom license plate frame compliments of Roy Olson at Leathers 4U in Antioch 847-838-8700
My new custom license plate frame compliments of Roy Olson at Leathers 4U in Antioch 847-838-8700

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