Lennie Jarratt Endorsed by Illinois Conservatives for 31st Senate District

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December 6, 2011


Illinois Conservatives Announce their Second Endorsement for 2012,

Lennie Jarratt, candidate for 31st State Senate District

 Jarratt says he’ll bring conservative values back to Springfield


IIlinois Conservatives endorse Lennie Jarratt for 31st Senate District
IIlinois Conservatives endorse Lennie Jarratt for 31st Senate District

Oregon, IL – The Illinois Conservatives are proud to announce their second endorsement for the 2012 elections, Lennie Jarratt for the 31st State Senate District.  Jarratt, a long time member of the Illinois Conservative Leadership Team has stepped up to take our fight to Springfield.

 Jarratt is a small business owner, owning and running Ooda Strategies since 2007.  He has also held a leadership role with the Lake County Tea Party organization. 

 “Jarratt has a proven track record in being a strong leader both politically and as a businessman,” said President of the Illinois Conservatives, Zach Oltmanns.  “He never stops fighting for the taxpayers – he even worked hard to uncover fraud at a local school district in Lake County- we need someone like that in Springfield.” 

 Jarratt continues his work on the Illinois Conservative Leadership Team as a board member. He also remains the leader of the well respected Lake County Tea Party.

 In getting this endorsement Jarratt will be given the support from the Illinois Conservative members by:  Grassroots assistance, outreach to younger votes, and additional volunteers to augment his campaign.

“His candidacy has brought promise that he’ll represent his constituents by pushing for fiscal responsibility in Springfield,” said Oltmanns.  “We all believe if he’s elected, our voices as a whole will be represented by Jarratt – he knows this state can grow stronger with tax reforms, less spending and balancing the budget with a fine-tooth comb.”


The Illinois Conservatives, a leading conservative grassroots organization in Illinois, believe in conservative ideologies and supports political candidates who share in those beliefs for the betterment of the State of Illinois.

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