Jarratt Opens Second Office in Lindenhurst

Press Release
March 4, 2012

Lennie Jarratt, GOP Senate candidate in 31st District
Lennie Jarratt, GOP Senate candidate in 31st District

(Round Lake, IL)   Lennie Jarratt announced the opening of a second office in Lindenhurst at the former 2010 Campaign Headquarters of State Senator Suzi Schmidt.  The office. located at 1850 E. Grand Avenue, will be used for the final two week push and was donated by Schmidt supporter Tom Crichton.


In addition, Jarratt received news that American Grizzlies United, a group dedicated to the ideals of Sarah Palin, along with Illinois for Palin have highlighted his campaign.

Jarratt supports the need to reform both pensions and Medicaid to help with Illinois’ fiscal crisis, noting that we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. He supports giving tax cuts to businesses who use e-verify, and he is a strong supporter of school choice.


Jarratt also announced the endorsement of Bruno Behrend, former WKRS radio personality and education researcher/reform advocate.

“No one knows where the bodies are buried. No one knows the code. No one knows the changes that need to be made in Springfield to fix education better than Lennie. Or another way to put it is, there are some people that know, but they just won’t do it; Lennie will,” Behrend said.

Jarratt said, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Bruno Behrend. Bruno has been fighting for quality education for all children for years. He has been years ahead of others in recognizing and pointing out the weaknesses in the current system. I will go to Springfield to bring quality education to all children.”

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