Jarratt Receives Illinois Tea Party Coordinators & Members Support

(Schaumburg, IL  –  February 14, 2012)

Illinois Tea Party Coordinators/Members Support Lennie Jarratt for Senate

The following Tea Party Coordinators/Members personally are proud to support the candidacy of Lennie Jarratt for Senate in the 31st District. 

 Aurora Tea Patriots                       Sherry Pierce          Coordinator

 Boone County Tea Party               Patti Grzybowski    Coordinator

 Bureau-LaSalle Tea Party             Chris Arndt              Member

“As a conservative fighting for taxpayers rights I endorse Lennie Jarratt for 31st State Senate District. He has been a champion for the taxpayers in his district for years through education reform issues.

As a tea party member of the Bureau-LaSalle Tea Party I know that Lennie supports the 3 pillars of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. He also upholds the Constitution of the United States. He will be a true asset of for the people of his district and through his votes it will impact the lives of all Illinoisans.”

 Chain O’Lakes Tea Party   Lori White     Coordinator   Spring Grove                                  

“We need more conservatives like Lennie in the Illinois Senate who will be dedicated to helping expose the fiscal responsibility of our school districts and cutting wasteful spending in the Illinois government agencies.”

 Mary Joestgen


Crystal LakeTea Party        Mary Alger       Coordinator

 Janness Abraham

“I support Lennie, and commend him for his diligence and passion for exposing the crooked school districts.  He is a hero in my book!”  Janness Abraham

 Dundee Area Tea Party                Allen Skillicorn        Coordinator

            “I know Lennie and would happily endorse him.”

 Henry County Tea Party               Jon Zahm                 Chairman

“Lennie is not only a leader in his community, I consider him a leader in the state of Illinoiswith regard to the conservative movement. His expertise in electronic media and communications, and his commitment to taxpayer concerns, especially in regard to certain school districts being fiscally reckless, is invaluable. As well we can count on Lennie to faithfully support pro-life and pro-family legislation and to vote to repeal civil unions. I strongly endorse his candidacy. We need more people like him in the Illinois Senate,” Jon A. Zahm, Henry County Board Member (R- Osco) and Henry County Tea Party Chairman.

Northern IllinoisPatriots       Tony Raymond     Director  Libertyville

 Northern IllinoisPatriots      Joan Siefert      Coordinator  Libertyville

 Northern IllinoisTea Party    Jane Carroll       Coordinator Roscoe

 RockfordTea Party                David Hale                Coordinator

“I want to let everyone know that I believe Lennie Jarrett is the absolutely best candidate for this State Senate. He is a smart. He has been in the trenches for years and worked harder than anyone else to advocate for the taxpayers of his district and of this state. I and the Rockford Tea Party fully Endorse and Support Lennie Jarrett.”

 Sauk ValleyTea Party      Amanda Norris      Coordinator  Rock Falls

“The IL Republican Party has been ineffective in stopping the assaults on taxpayers in this state.  It is time to send new folks to Springfield who have the fire, passion and conviction to make the tough decisions necessary to improve our economic health and restore faith in Springfield.  Illinois has dropped to the bottom in all economic areas, we can’t pay our bills, have raised taxes and chased away businesses and now have the lowest credit rating in the nation!!!

 I support Lennie Jarrett for the 31st District Senate seat.”

 Schaumburg Tea Party                Carrie Miller              Coordinator

“Lennie is a true conservative candidate that we can be proud to support, knowing he is committed to representing families in his district in a way which is best for WE THE PEOPLE and is known as a leader and achiever addressing the most important issues pertaining to our communities, with a focus on education and job creation for Illinois.”


Michael Howard                                  Mike Machlet                                      

Flo Brinacombe                                   Randy Collins

Susie Ejzak                                          Joanne Dawson

Kathy Wenle                                        Sue Panfil

Maureen Falcon                                  Pat Kenny

Mike Van Dyke                                     Barbara Shabino

Richard Gideon                                   Carl Siefert

Tri-City Tea Party                                Judith McConnell   Coordinator St Charles

TRI-County Teas                                 Rick Newton            Coordinator Bartlett

“Please add my name in full support of Lennie – he epitomizes not only what the Tea Party represents, but he represents so much of what is missing in the IL General Assembly and the Republican Party in general in terms of commitment, character, honor, and integrity.”

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