Lincolnshire Dedicates Their New Roundabout

Back in July we wrote about the new roundabout in Round Lake Beach. After reading that Lincolnshire was ready to open up their new venture into roundabouts, we thought we would re-visit ours and see how it is doing. (Notice the STOP sign when roundabouts are meant to keep traffic flowing by using YIELD signs)

Round Lake Beach’s brand new roundabout back in July 2010

We had commented on the vulnerability of the signs due to their location in the roadway and thought that the plows would end up taking them down while plowing. It would appear that they have been taking a beating long before the snow flies as you can see in the photos.

Four months later the signs are either missing or bent up


Center of road signs are taking a beating, probably from truck mirrors


We were unable to find a single sign that wasn’t missing or damaged except the ones
coming from the lakefront parking lot which gets little or no traffic on most days

If you do an internet search for roundabouts in Europe and other areas, you will see very few with signage in the center of the road where Round Lake Beach placed theirs. The only ones I was able to find in roadways had high curbs with a wider footprint so that the signs were far enough away from truckers mirrors, etc. Almost all that we viewed had the signage on the curb unless there was sufficient space in the roadway median. Due to the narrow strips in the RLB roundabout, my earlier suggestion would be to use heavy-duty spring bases like you see on playground equipment that teeters back and forth. Since one of the signs has been down for some time it’s possible that the Village is rethinking the placement of the signs.

It’s still unclear why the amount of taxpayer’s money was spent building this roundabout on a 3-way intersection with hardly any traffic going down one of the streets to the lakefront park. THREE new stop signs would have been all that was needed! Instead homeowners at the intersection had a portion of their usable land gobbled up (even if it was village right-of-way) as can be seen by a drive-by (WildwoodWest End) . A maintenance worker had told me the purpose of the roundabout was to stop cars that were speeding, and blowing through the westbound stop sign, from ending up in the channel. I rather doubt that number of ‘drowning’ vehicles was excessive since I live in the area. Even if it was, why not simply add a couple of rumble strips since there are only two or three houses that would have been bothered by the strips noise. Traffic during the days, heading to the lakefront parking lot, is minimal to say the least.


No Roadway Signs – How it should be done (using YIELD signs as well)


No Roadway Signs!
No Roadway Signs!

We can’t wait to see the one planned for Cedar Lake and Monaville roads in Lake Villa which is a much more appropriate location for one. It is currently just a 4-way stop with no stop lights at all. Maybe they will get the signage right!


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