Round Lake Chamber’s “Supper With Santa” = Long Lines

On a Thursday evening when most young children should have been getting their baths and heading for bed, many found themselves waiting in a long line just to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce spaghetti supper. This year the Round Lake Chamber of Commerce elected to have a professional photographer at the event to take photos at $5.00 a pop. In this day and age almost everybody has a camera cell phone or digital camera so I’m not sure why they felt it was necessary. The good news for the photographer and the Chamber (if any or all of the funds went to them) is that the parents were willing to stand in line so long.

Santa's helpers were busy passing out "Santa STOP Here" signs to all the children
Santa’s helpers were busy passing out “Santa STOP Here” signs to all the children

This may also have been great for the vendors who had brought lots of beautiful Holiday gifts and were set up in the main hall since it gave them a lot of added exposure. While many parents stood for hours waiting in lines that wrapped around the wall of the banquet room and spilled out into the main hall, they couldn’t help but see many of the items on display. Even though it was supposed to end at 8:00 PM the line extended out into the hallway at 7:45. Parents would still need to hang around after the children’s photos were taken to wait on the prints so I’m guessing that many were still there close to 10:00.

Last year Santa and his helper brought along an 18 month old reindeer that just had small nubs beginning to grow as antlers. This year he brought along a three year old reindeer that had a full rack of antlers. You can see many of the gifts that were available as well as how long it took the photographer to setup a single shot, causing the long delay for a photo with Santa.

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