Magee Middle School to Receive $1,000 in Walmart Gift Cards

John T. Magee Middle School has been chosen by the Walmart Teacher Rewards program to receive 20, $50 reward cards which will be given to 20 teachers. Teacher’s names will be pulled from a random drawing. As part of its Teacher Rewards program, nationally Walmart and Sam’s Club locations are awarding more than 90,000 educators with $50 reward cards, which will provide $4.5 million dollars in funds to schools across America.
This is the fifth year Walmart and Sam’s Club are supporting educators through the Teachers Reward Program. This program is designed to offset out of pocket expenses for teachers who buy supplies for their classrooms, whether that be in school supplies, or even food for students that may not have that readily available to them in the mornings, before heading off to school.

Walmart will award 20 teachers from John T. Magee Middle School with $50 reward cards to purchase classroom supplies to help students start the school year off right. As part of the Walmart’s Teacher Rewards Program, the local educators will be honored during an award ceremony at John T. Magee Middle School, on Wednesday, October 2nd from 2:45-3:30pm. Walmart employees and the manager will be present to help with the drawing.

Walmart Teacher Rewards
Walmart Teacher Rewards

Article submitted by Lori A. Esguerra, Communications Specialist

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