Mayor Soto Votes “Aye” To Nix Local Police Department

With the Hainesville Trustee’s vote split three to three on a motion to allow the Mayor to negotiate with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and the Grayslake Police Department for policing duties, Mayor Linda Soto voted ‘aye’ thus sending a final blow to the Hainesville Police Department’s 2-year old endeavor. Just as they were beginning to walk and talk, the thirteen uniformed officers who make up the start-up police command in Hainesville will have to take their ‘letter of appreciation’ elsewhere. Money talks, as they say, and that seemed to be the major issue facing the village when it came to budgeting for police protection. Utilizing the services of Grayslake or Lake County will save the village almost $400,000 or less once negotiations are ironed out. That is set to begin in earnest with a decision in the next two to three months.

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