Media’s Biased Reporting On Bean – Walsh Race

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Results of the election to represent Illinois’ 8th Congressional
remain uncertain. Republican challenger Joe Walsh currently
holds a 347-vote lead over Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean out of
approximately 200,000 votes counted. A few thousand absentee votes
remain to be tallied.

As described in a previous blog posting, both the Bean campaign and
the Cook County Clerk’s office have engaged in highly questionable
and suspicious behaviors that threaten to corrupt the election and
fraudulently determine its outcome in Bean’s favor.

There are two Chicago daily newspapers and two dailies that cover the
city’s northwest suburbs. All have political reporters and maintain a
web presence in addition to their print versions. All four endorsed
Melissa Bean for re-election. As details are made known and verified
regarding election irregularities favoring Bean, these papers have
doubled down on their advocacy:

Instead of serving as watchdogs of democracy, these papers are
willfully functioning as the lapdogs of the Democrat incumbent.

The demonstrable electoral irregularities are being completely
ignored by all major daily newspapers and, in fact, all media in the
Chicago area.

I have reviewed the dailies’ coverage. One would have no idea that
anything suspicious has occurred. Even sworn affidavits that have
been made public receive no mention. The only references to any of
this concern the Walsh campaign’s hiring the services of an attorney
to monitor the ongoing vote. Such references are brief, oblique, and
worded to imply that the Walsh campaign is comprised of
excuse-readying crybabies for when, it is so apparently hoped, he is
overtaken by Bean in the count.

There has been some coverage from outside the Chicago area. Both Jim
at National Review Online and Andrew Breitbart at provided details of the irregular behaviors of the
Bean campaign and the Cook County Clerk’s Office. Brett Baier, on
the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” that he hosts, featured
video clips of each candidate in the post-election thick of things.
Bean appeared cocky and scolded reporters for premature conclusions.
Walsh looked like a man pursued by a big and dangerous machine, which
is the case. Even a body language neophyte could readily conclude that
something is up. Something “hinkey“, as they say in Chicago. Yet
locally, only a few conservative blogs, specifically including this
one, have mentioned the story.

The Chicago Tribune is obsessed that the Green Party candidate won
more votes than the number of votes separating Bean and Walsh.
Occasionally the Tribune offers quotes from the Bean camp, and the
paper has labeled Joe Walsh an “upstart”. The Tribune
inexplicably relies on their Washington bureau chief and the AP feed
for updates to this story.

Focusing more on the city, The Chicago Sun-Times has offered only
sparse coverage of the 8th District race. They quoted Joe Walsh
saying “We are diligently prepared to defend against any attempt to
steal last week’s victory away from us. We won’t let that
But they were astonishingly incurious as to what he meant.
The Walsh quote was followed with one from the Bean camp that Walsh is
quite presumptuous”.

Serving the far northwest suburbs, the Northwest Herald received
details of the irregularities at their news tip email address. I know
because I sent them. Nothing was forthcoming. No calls to the Walsh
campaign, no questions of the Cook County Clerk’s Office, nothing.
The paper promised a “precinct by precinct” analysis of the race,
but delivered only tepidly reheated pabulum regarding historical and
national trends.

The Daily Herald, which serves the near northwestern suburbs, has
been the worst by far. Always in the tank for Bean, during the
campaign they ran thoroughly biased hit pieces on Joe Walsh as news
stories. Their post-election coverage has consisted primarily of
official portrait photographs of the Congresswoman and quotes from
her campaign spokespersons. The paper maintains a website where
readers can comment on articles. As previously posted on this site, a
comment on the irregularities occurring in Cook County received an
immediate response from the paper. Within minutes the post was taken
down as a “Violation of Terms of Service”. For good measure the
posting privileges of the author were permanently revoked.

I used to think that liberal media bias was worse at the national
level, that locally there was more fairness because local beat
reporters have easier access to sources and facts, and are familiar
with “both sides” to any story by virtue of being here.

But this is not true. Wheres the national press may be unaware of the
nuances and implications of details on the ground, the locals do not
have this excuse.

Their suppression of facts that they do not like is entirely
intentional and deliberately unfair.


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