Meet the Democratic Candidates Event in Gurnee

Here’s your opportunity to meet some of the Democratic candidates who are campaigning to win your votes in the upcoming primary. Sponsored by the Warren Township Democrats, the event will take place this coming Thursday, October 20, from 6:30-9 PM, at the Gurnee Village Hall located at 325 N. O’Plaine Road, Gurnee. Questions can be directed to 847-223-0795 or visit

Guest speakers include the following:

Brad Schneider, candidate in the 10th Congressional District
Dennis Anderson, candidate in the 14th Congressional District
Artis Yancy, candidate for Lake County Coroner
Dr. Thomas Rudd, candidate for Lake County Coroner
Cynthia Pruim Haran, candidate for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk
Chris Kennedy, candidate for Lake County State’s Attorney
Reggie Mathews
, candidate for Lake County State’s Attorney
Ed Erwin, candidate for Illinois House District 61
Matthew Oclon, candidate for Lake County Board in District 7
Carol Sente, State Representative in the 59th District
Diane Hewitt, Lake County Board District 2 member
Patricia Fix, Judicial Dist 2 Subcircuit 2
Dan Pierce, North Shore Sanitary Dist, Ward 5

"Democratic Meet and Greet" at Gurnee Village Hall Oct. 20th
“Democratic Meet and Greet” at Gurnee Village Hall Oct. 20th from 6:30-9 PM

I tried pointing out to someone, via email, that the information on the Warren Township Democrats website regarding where their meetings are held was contradictory (You need to update your About Us page so that it reflects the correct location of your meetings. According to your Calendar they are now held at Bakes.) On their About Us page it says “We meet at 7:00 P.M. at the Warren-Newport Library, 224 N. O’Plaine Road, in Gurnee, on the 4th Thursday of each month.” but on their Calendar page it says “We now meet at Bake’s Restaurant the 4th Thursday of the Month each month at 7:00 PM” but was told via email that “Both the About Us and the calendar are correct“.

I wish I could figure out how to be in two places at the same time!

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