Melissa Bean Signs Appear With A Message

Motorist traveling through Congressional District 8 may be hard pressed to spot any of Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s signs, whether large or small.  There will always be the accusations that the other party is stealing them but you have to ask yourself………. “So Many?” If there were as many Bean signs out there as there are challenger Joe Walsh signs, how could they get away with stealing THAT many signs without being caught or photographed?

Yesterday about four small Bean signs were spotted at the intersection of Rt. 83 and Rollins Rd. But to prove the allegations wrong, that they are being stolen, someone has put up even BIGGER signs behind her signs asking “Where Are You?” (undoubtedly due to her lack of public appearances lately or at invitation-only meetings). 


Yet another large sign appears behind hers stating “Voted For Obama Healthcare”

Seems as though the Joe Walsh supporters have come up with a better way to get their message out that doesn’t support the allegations of sign stealing.


Below is a recap of Melissa Bean’s Voting Record
which was released by The League Of American Voters

Congressman Melissa L. Bean
Democrat Representing Illinois’s 8th District

Congressman Bean’s Key Votes:

Vote #1 Cap-and Trade Bill (American Clean Energy and Security Tax H.R. 2454)

Bean Voted: YES

A vote in favor of this bill established a “Cap-and-Trade” regime to reduce carbon emissions to slow “global warming.” Also known as “Cap-and-Tax,” the bill would impose a new national energy tax costing each family $3,000 per year on average. It is estimated to increase unemployment by 1,105,000 jobs per year.
Vote #2 Obamacare Private Health Care Takeover (Affordable Healthcare for America Act H.R. 3962)

Voted: YES

This Obamacare bill slashed Medicare benefits by nearly $500 billion for Seniors who paid into the system their entire working lives, while increasing taxes $565 billion. The bill requires private insurers to add applicants with pre-existing conditions and children to the age of 26, raising private health insurance costs for most working Americans and small business. Bill mandates that 30 million Americans buy private insurance or receive free
government care. Bill provides for “rationing” for life-saving medical procedures. The Congressional Budget Office estimates Obamacare will add $1 trillion to federal costs over the next decade.

Vote #3 Obama-Pelosi Stimulus (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act H.R. 1)

Voted: YES

A vote in favor of this bill approved $819 billion for President Obama’s stimulus program. One third of the stimulus provided for funds to state and local government to keep public employees employed. Since passage of the economic stimulus, unemployment has increased to 9.6%, the highest unemployment rate in 26 years.
Vote #4 Election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Voted: YES

The first and most consequential act of Congress, a vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi (Democrat-San Francisco) to be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 111th Congress.

(RE: League of American Voters voting results)

Were these votes inline with what her constituents wanted? Watch the video below and you decide:


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  • neutralobserver

    So, according to the posts above, Bean’s actions will, or have, led to the following:

    -A loss of $1.1 million jobs per year
    -An additional average tax per family, of about $3,000 a year
    -$1 TRILLION in additional costs to our national debt over the next 10 years
    -An unemployment rate of almost 10%, not to mention how many are underemployed
    -The highest unemployment rate in 26 years

    And this is who we should want to represent us? I don’t think so!! Vote for Joe Walsh, because at least then, we will have a representative that will do what we tell him to do, instead of one who does WHAT SHE WANTS. Bean is from Barrington, one of the wealhiest towns in America. Think she cares about what the people in the Round Lake area with less money think? NO WAY. She cares about the banks, companies and special interests that have mega cash to keep funding her pork-filled campaigns. You have 2 days to wake up America, and LAKE AND MCHENRY COUNTIES!!

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