Michael Carbone “Patriotic Community BBQ” 9/15/2012

On Saturday, September 15, I had a chance to stop by my good friend Michael Carbone’sPatriotic Community BBQ” held as part of his quest for Lake County Board Member for District 16. I had in mind that it would just be a family picnic but to my surprise it was more like a town festival! There were plenty of tents and booths set up with various offerings, free hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, beverages, and pop corn, a live band (Waterfront Dogs), raffles, a table full of prizes, a car show including trophies, an air “bouncy”, and because it was held next to a school there were baseball fields and plenty for the kids to do.

Plenty of families came out to enjoy Michael Carbone's "Patriotic Picnic" on Saturday
Plenty of families came out to enjoy Michael Carbone’s “Patriotic Picnic” on Saturday

I didn’t arrive until the last portion of the event so I appreciate photos that others provided me with to add to the ones that I took to put the following video together. Enjoy!

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