Millennium Trail Underpass on Rollins Road

Hunt Club Road underpass
Hunt Club Road underpass

Work is progressing on the bike/pedestrian Millennium Trail Underpass that is being installed on Rollins Road west of Route 45 in Grayslake. Eastbound Rollins traffic has been reduced to just one lane to allow for the installation of guard rails along the shoulder. Westbound traffic continues to have two lanes, however this will change as they eventually start to make the roadway cuts to install the underpass. When they put the horse underpass on Hunt Club Road, just south of Millburn Road, they used heavy steel plates to cover the opening while the reinforced concrete was being installed. If you want to see the earlier post and video for that project click HERE.

It was dusk when I shot the following video but as you can see there is a lot going on. I’m not sure why they needed to clear so much vegetation on the north side of Rollins just to install an underpass and future asphalt strips for bikers. I will try to stop by occasionally to give everyone an update but there’s not many places to pull over to park safely which makes it rather difficult.

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