Motorists! Do You Know What A Roundabout Is?

If you don’t, you soon will as you drive the roads leading through Lake County. Three are currently being included in the scheduled road construction in Lincolnshire and Old Mill Creek. These are quite popular in Europe to help with the flow of traffic at intersections. Without knowing exactly how the newer ones will be designed, the older ones allowed motorists to simply enter the ‘circle’ at the intersection in a counter-clockwise direction and travel in the ‘circle’ until they reached the street they wanted to exit onto. I can remember driving through one years ago in another suburb of Chicago and it was quite interesting, allowing for a much faster flow of traffic than waiting for signals to change.

For anyone who travels on Rt. 45 they will see some badly needed improvements which will consist of widening from Rt. 120 to Rt. 137. This has been a consistent bottleneck for years. Hopefully the widening will finally extend North to Washington St. to eliminate the huge traffic jam for motorists heading South but are all stopped for a single car wanting to turn East onto Gages Lake Rd. after the arrow turns off. Why they didn’t blacktop a strip and allow drivers to ‘legally’ go around turning motorists is beyond me. Same goes for Millburn. With no parking along Rt. 45 at the intersection of Grass Lake Rd. and Millburn Rd. WHY don’t they allow the shoulder lane to be used to get around turning cars? Instead, it is one of the worst bottlenecks in the County.

In our immediate area, we will see improvements at Fairfield and Nippersink, Route 120 and Bacon (what a dangerous area that is for westbound traffic turning onto southbound Bacon getting rear-ended due to being in a blind hole), and Peterson and Rt. 60

You can get all of the latest updates on the projects at either or

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