Neighborhood Alert: Thefts at Vacant Residential Properties

Stolen copper pipes
Stolen copper pipes
Information from the Village of Round Lake Police Department regarding activity that may be occurring in our area. Keeping our neighborhoods safe will help ensure that our property values are maintained so it is important to remain vigilant of our community and help each other police suspicious activities.

The Lake County Area has experienced several thefts at vacant residential properties involving copper water pipe and kitchen appliances. The police department is requesting that you be mindful of vacant houses in your neighborhood and watch for suspicious activity. If you notice suspicious activity such as repair vehicles and workers at a vacant property, please DO NOT approach the property. Telephone the Round Lake Police Department (or your local PD) by calling 9-1-1 and then if possible gather a vehicle description including license plate and a physical description of the people at the property.

Be safe, never approach suspicious people, and just call the police department at 9-1-1.

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