New Cedar Lake & Monaville Rd. Roundabout Opens On Schedule

But Nobody Shows Up With Any “Attaboys”

Fire truck tries out new roundabout
Fire truck tries out new roundabout

The great effort by all involved to complete the new roundabout at the intersection of Cedar Lake Road and Monaville Road went unnoticed as no officials from the County or Lake Villa showed up to cut any ribbons or give a few pats on the backs to the two project engineers (Pete Torola and his assistant Eric Notson) who were there for the reopening to traffic. Nope! Not a soul in sight other than myself and workers who were busy laying sod, rolling it tight, watering it down, and doing miscellaneous cleanup work. NOTE: They weren’t complaining, it was just my observation.

After cruising thru the new roundabout and circling it a couple of times for the video below, I parked the car and shot several clips to show everyone how it works. You will even see a few kids who may have become used to riding their bikes and roller blades around the roundabout while it was being constructed. It’s bad enough that drivers, unfamiliar with them, have to worry about kids coming at them in the opposite direction where they don’t even belong. So my suggestion is BEWARE of the kids until they smarten up and realize that they are playing in the street when they are out in the roundabouts instead of using the cross-walks. I have found the two roundabouts on Hunt Club Road to be very time saving and I’m sure that commuters will embrace this new one as well. Enjoy the video below, especially the last two minutes.

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  • Ed Moore

    I went thru this 3 times today. Once at 6 PM, which is usually a very busy time. I didn’t have to stop, or even slow down below the posted 20 mph speed limit. If this continues it will be a huge success.

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