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Grading roadbed in preparation for concrete
Grading roadbed in preparation for concrete

It’s been rather difficult to bring you updated Rollins Road Gateway videos showing what is going on underneath the new railroad bridge that will pass over Rollins Road by the end of the year since there isn’t much shoulder to safely walk on. Today seemed like a good day (sunny and in the 80’s) to see what I could come up with since the traffic seemed like it was doing an awfully lot of standing.  In the video below I started at the west end of the project showing the heavy equipment that is being used to grade the roadbed prior to the concrete being poured. According to County engineering reports, concrete should be arriving next week and be poured in the area from Mallard Creek Drive to Hainesville Road. The video goes on to show the grade being lowered in front of McDonald’s, Arby’s, and Grease Monkey where it will pass UNDER the newly installed railroad bridge. Finally, you will get a view of what it looks like under the railroad bridge on the East side. A railway employee who was monitoring train traffic told me that they expected to have the rails installed on the new bridge in the near future and once that happens train traffic will be switched over. The signals will remain where they are. Then they will be able to tear apart the temporary railroad bypass and begin excavating the remainder of soil from the west side. I noticed that the concrete support structures were decorated with a nice design. You may have to stop the video to see it. Not included in the video is a clip I took of the added pond between Gateway Park’s two ponds and Hainesville Road that had a couple of ducks swimming in it.

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