No Code of Ethics for Avon Action

An Open Letter From the Mayor of Hainesville

The shenanigans of the Avon Action slate demands public attention;
Lisa Rusch appointing herself as Temporary Supervisor, then appointing her slate candidate to Clerk, bullying a candidate off the ballot and the” kangaroo court” held to address Douglas Williams homeowner’s exemption issue are examples. Though posting a “Special Meeting” on a late Saturday afternoon for Monday evening is “legal”, it gives residents little notice. So much for transparency!

Now, soon before Election Day, a newsletter is mailed to township residents that focuses solely on individuals who are part of the Avon Action slate! Candidate Rusch claims she is an advocate for less government spending, but spent tax dollars to produce political propaganda for the Avon Action slate. Other members of the Avon board and the Township staff had no prior knowledge of this newsletter’s production or cost.

Tom Brust boasts inter-governmental cooperation with Hainesville as the village stores its salt supply at Avon. This arrangement goes back fifteen years. He further touts he is saving the Village of Hainesville money since we don’t have to pay to store salt. Two years ago Hainesville purchased its own Public Works facility. Our snowplow contractor received a call from Tom after he observed competitor’s political signs on contractor’s property. The contractor offered to have his sign too. Tom asked our contractor “How he liked having his salt stored at the highway department?” The salt is the property of Hainesville and Tom should be clear on who he needs to talk to regarding the success of this arrangement.

I applaud Chris Larson of the Avon Action slate for being the only member to appear at a candidate’s forum. He did not approve of his slate’s recent “actions” and publically stated that he has “no significant” confidence in the members of Avon Action.

Village of Hainesville
Village of Hainesville

Mayor Linda Soto
Village of Hainesville
April 2, 2013

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  • Round Laker (ish)

    Is this the same Linda Soto that places all the newsletters she uses tax dollars for to publish these newsletters?:

    By the way – take note of the March 2013 ‘news’ letter where it says, “Incumbents Mayor Linda Soto, Trustees Gerry Daley, John Derenoski, and Georgeann Duberstein all filed for
    reelection. Election Day is Tuesday, April 9, 2013.”

    This woman is crazy. Hypocrite? Anyone?

  • Wendy Shipow

    If you are going to reference the March 2013 newsletter, you need to include all that is written not just a portion… It reads “Hainesville Spring Election will be uncontested.” Incumbents Mayor…..

  • Madison

    I love it when our elected community leaders stand up and say ENOUGH! Mayor Soto realizes the unethical playbook that Rusch and Company are using and she called FOUL! Thank you Mayor.

    Now here is a challenge…….what about the other municipalities leaders? Care to say enough is enough? Mayors Hill, Dietz, McCue & Lumpkins

    What about you SAM YINGLING? Want to take a stand in your new district? Is this enough for even you?

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