ObamaCare Will Cost You $3,900

The federal government takeover of our health care system will cost the average 8th District resident $3,900, so says a study on the proposed Obamacare legislation by the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI). IPI Study

According to IPI, “As part of the total bill, the net present value of all additional federal government expenditures through 2019 that will occur as a result of the current health care proposal  is $1.2 trillion, or a $3,900 bill for every person in the U.S.”

“The government takeover of health care will not only worsen the quality of care and decimate small businesses, it will bankrupt our nation,” said Joe Walsh, Republican Congressional nominee for the 8th District referring to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  CBO Study

The CBO puts the federal debt at more than $20 trillion by the year 2020, in part as a result of Obama’s plan to increase federal spending by another $2.3 trillion over the next ten years after already more than doubling the nation’s debt in just his first year in office.

“The bottom line: we cannot afford Obamacare!

Call Melissa Bean today and tell her NOT to vote for the Reid/Pelosi Health Care Bill.

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  • Barack Obama along with the rest of his liberal cronies should really be embarrassed with themselves. Furthermore this is a total outrage. I used to be under the belief that as soon as the president will take office he must swear an oath that will uphold in addition to protect the Constitution of the United States. Nowhere in the Constitution did it give the administration the right to be able to enact as well as implement legislation such as the medical care reform bill. It’s my opinion these power mongers are going to be in for a real shock come November. Congratulations at the ruin of your political future.

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