Obama’s Campaign Bus Tour Paid By Taxpayers

Taxpayers are up in arms knowing that they are footing the bill for President Obama’sjob creation” bus tour which has turned into nothing more than part of his 2012 re-election campaign. With stops along the way that have only Obama supporters in the immediate audience, the bus tour has become a hot topic with many demanding that his campaign fund pay for the tour. Cruising through the countryside in his spanking new Canadian built bus, there is a chance that he may pass by a series of Burma Shave signs that dotted the Midwest years ago with short messages that became legends.

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  • S Kuhn

    There is no excuse for Obama or any other candidate to use taxpayers money for this type of expense. I personally voted for Obama the first time around but I have yet to see any change with him as president. I certainly will not be supporting him in 2012 if he doesn’t pony up the money for this bus. And made in Canada? That is unreal.

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