“Occupy” Protesters Force Bachmann From Stage

Michelle Bachmann, Republican Presidential candidate
Michelle Bachmann, Republican Presidential candidate
With their demands often times rather outlandish, individuals from the “Occupy Wall Street” movement showed up in force in South Carolina to heckle Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as she was attempting to deliver a speech. After drowning her out, police eventually escorted Bachmann off of the stage. The audio in the video below, courtesy of the  Associated Press, becomes difficult to understand just what it is that they are demanding as the groups message becomes garbled once they got out of sync reading their prepared notes. That was when it simply became a typical mob scene as their message got lost on the average viewer.

I’m still trying to get a handle on what they want besides tuition amnesty which is a real joke! (take notice of the age of the protesting group)

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What are your feelings about the “Occupy” movement and many cities now starting to clear them from the parks, even if it requires force?

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