Open Burning Banned for the Entire Round Lake Area

UPDATE August 11, 2012:
The open burning ban has been rescinded, however you are still cautioned to be extremely careful due to the dry weather that still exists.

July 11, 2012
Contact: Chief Paul Maplethorpe

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District
409 W. Nippersink Road
Round Lake, Illinois 60073
Office: 847-546-6001 Fax: 847-546-0758

Open Burning banned for the entire Round Lake Area
Open Burning banned for the entire Round Lake Area

Lack of rain and oppressive heat has created a very dangerous fire threat throughout the Round Lake area, as well as most of Lake County. Grass, landscaping materials, wetland areas and open fields are extremely dry and will ignite very easily. Fire departments have been taxed with responding to an increased number of fires in grass, landscaping and open areas caused by fireworks, careless discarding of smoking materials and from open fires that quickly burn out of control. A fire can scorch a large area very quickly, and expose people, buildings, trees and crops to the fire’s wrath.

In accordance with the Illinois Fire District Act (70 ILCS 705/8.20) and Fire District ordinances, all open burning within the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District is hereby banned until further notice, when drought conditions subside. This ban does not affect cooking fires in grills or protected areas, however extreme care should be exercised as sparks or ashes from a grill could cause combustibles in the area to ignite.

Emergency response fees can be assessed to individuals that violate this ban, or otherwise cause a fire department response due to open burning. The Greater Round Lake protects the majority of the villages of Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, as well as a portion of Grayslake and unincorporated Lake County.


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