Still No Decision On Hainesville Police Dept.

Village of Hainesville
With Mayor Soto wanting a decision on whether to keep the local police force or contract the services out by the end of March, the initiative was delayed at Tuesday's Board meeting. Instead, more discussion will take place at a committee meeting on March 30th with the hope of having a final vote somewhere around April 13th. The earlier census of the residents back in January was to contract the patrolling out to either the County, Grayslake, or Round Lake Park (who they teamed up with in the past until a dispute arose over cost increases). But since that time, and with residents voicing concerns at the February meeting, the mood has changed in favor of retaining the local police department. Still, the trustees will weigh the upcoming presentations from both Grayslake and the County befo

ObamaCare Will Cost You $3,900

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The federal government takeover of our health care system will cost the average 8th District resident $3,900, so says a study on the proposed Obamacare legislation by the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI). IPI Study According to IPI, "As part of the total bill, the net present value of all additional federal government expenditures through 2019 that will occur as a result of the current health care proposal  is $1.2 trillion, or a $3,900 bill for every person in the U.S." "The government takeover of health care will not only worsen the quality of care and decimate small businesses, it will bankrupt our nation," said Joe Walsh, Republican Congressional nominee for the 8th District referring to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  CBO Study The CBO puts the federal

Hainesville Wants Answer By The End Of March

Village of Hainesville
Mayor Linda Soto wants a decision by the end of March on whether or not to retain the villages own police department or farm it out. The newly formed department has outgrown its temporary headquarters and the question now is 'How much will it cost to house a new station and pay the salaries and benefits''. In the past the police duties were contracted out with the Village of Round Lake Park but a dispute over the cost of renewing set the wheels in motion to create their very own force. Now, with escalating costs, the new Mayor is questioning that decision made by the previous administration. Quotes have been received from the County, Round Lake Park and Grayslake to tackle the police work. However, at a recent town meeting, the residents liked the idea of having their own force due mainly ...

Round Lake Schools Learned From Their Past!

Round Lake Area Schools
With control being returned to the local School Board after eight long years of being a State run District, the one thing our local Board members have learned is NOT to get back in that same sorry situation. Just like almost every other District our elected officials have a responsibility to operate under a balanced budget and if that requires cuts to be made, so be it. With State funding being cut it only makes sense that more belt-tightening will be needed locally. This is no reflection on the current board, it is simply reality that we all have to understand. It's no different than running your own household on a smaller budget, you make cuts wherever you can to keep from going deeper in debt. Some of the cuts being suggested are eliminating 18 non-certified staff members, ten class...

Joe Walsh vs. Melissa Bean = Two Outsiders?

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(UPDATE July 2010) Joe Walsh and his family have officially taken up residence in McHenry, thus making it official that he is no longer an 'outsider'. Melissa Bean, on the other hand, continues to reside 'outside' of the 8th Congressional District Voters in the 8th Congressional District now have the unique situation of having both the Democratic and Republican candidates living outside the District. Melissa Bean claims her house, in Long Grove, is just 'on the other side of the street' while Joe Walsh lives in Winnetka. It has been well known during Bean's tenure as our elected Representative that she has lived just outside our District but the more we read about Walsh's housing situation the more skeptical we are about his being forthright. OK, let's face it, a lot of people got behi

Round Lake School District 116 Regains Local Control

Round Lake Area Schools
After eight years of being under the special state finance authority, the Round Lake Area Unit District 116 has been approved to return to local control since their finances are back in order. This is the very first school district under state oversight to ever be returned to local control which is certainly a feather in the cap of all involved. With an original time frame of ten years to get finances in order, they have beat that deadline by almost two years. This was a joint effort by both the oversight authority as well as the  elected school board working together on behalf of all the students in the District 116 area. Other districts currently under financial oversight will be using District 116 as a model on which to gain their own independence back. Now it is time to hire a new s