Kudos to Our Local Street Cleaning Crews!

Round Lake Area News
With snowfalls expected to break records this season we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the public employees who are out in the cold clearing the snow so that our commutes are safer. While many of us are in our warm beds, these tireless workers are out in often sub-zero wind-chill making sure that we have plowed roads in and around our villages. Thank You!

Why Wasn’t Former Supervisor Shirley Christian Charged?

Avon Township Office, Round Lake Area News
Whenever I read in the paper about how the Avon Township records were 'accidentally' destroyed by the former supervisor's adult daughter and her male friend, I still wonder why she was given a pass by the state's attorney's office. What was 'accidental' about allowing someone 'unauthorized' to be anywhere near township computers with sensitive information on them? I, as a taxpayer in the District 116 area, highly resent that someone's grown daughter and their friend were allowed anywhere near my private information. Why weren't additional charges filed against these two people as well as the former supervisor? Having been around computer software for many years I know that ALL deletion type software programs come with multiple warnings cautioning you several times as you maneuver through t...

Resident Says “Get Involved!”

Round Lake Area Schools
When I first moved to the Round Lake area my children were just starting school. At the time, the Junior High School was operating on a triple-shift schedule. Over time, a new High School was built and the old High School became what is now known as Magee Middle School. We lived in Round Lake Park and my kids attended Murphy Elementary School. Around 1978, we built a new home in Round Lake Beach and the kids transferred to Beach Elementary School. All three kids went through the Round Lake school system and after attending the two year program at College of Lake County, they continued their education at a higher level at various colleges. I have nothing but good things to say about the Round Lake school system. My kids all played in the band program under the leadership of a wonderful l...

What Does Round Lake District 116 Need To Do

Round Lake Area Schools
With the opportunity to finally take over the reins of Round Lake Area Unit District 116, here are several things that the local elected officials will need to do: 1) Hire their very own Superintendent. This will be crucial since it will take the right person to maintain the success that the State authority had. 2) With the State budget in a mess, it will be essential that the new superintendent and the Board keep the District solvent since it relies so heavily on state funding. Protecting the 25 million dollars in the education fund should be a priority and finding other sources of revenue a challenge. We all know how quickly a savings account can get eaten up through unwise decisions. 3) With all the elementary and middle schools failing to reach the States minimum standards, im...

Round Lake Senior High School on “High Priority” List

Round Lake Area Schools
Being on this list is not a complement to the school administrators or something to be proud of by the teaching staff. Inclusion on the High Priority School List means that the school is under performing and usually in the lowest 5% in achievements over the last three years (2007-2009) based on the Prairie State Exam. Along with making the list of 181 lowest achieving schools, all received a notice from the State that they need to make improvements. Round Lake Senior High School is currently the only Lake County high school making the list of suburban schools along with four other schools in Elgin and Dundee including Elgin High School, Larkin High School, Streamwood High School, and Dundee-Crown High School. Although it is certainly nothing to be proud of, it does give greater access t...