Parents Voice Disapproval For RL School Based Clinic

On Monday evening the Round Lake Area Unit School District held a special meeting to discuss the proposed SBC (school based clinic). There was a half hour presentation by the architectural firm and a brief summary by Brenda Bannor, the SBC coordinator, partner in Millennia Consulting, and Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers (ICSHC). Bannor was part of a community advisory committee convened by Nicasa — a local non-profit Lake County substance abuse prevention and treatment organization also offering family services. It has been reported in the Illinois Review that

School-based clinics (SBCs) provide many medical services, such as basic physicals for low-income students. However, over the last 25 years they have been surrounded by controversy. This is because the primary reason SBCs are proposed in the first place is actually to provide reproductive health care. This includes birth control, abortion pills and abortion referrals. The objective of SBCs is to make contraceptives and abortion available to all teenagers, regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs. Proponents of school-based clinics typically use the array of other offered services to obscure this

After the presentation audience members were invited to ask questions. What followed was a lot of concern about the emphasis being placed on such a facility when other improvements and programs were not being addressed.

Bannor stated several times that in order for a student to utilize the clinic, they would have to have “prior” written parental consent. Apparently that consent amounts to nothing more than a blanket consent since parents are NOT notified about students ongoing clinic visits nor about what is being prescribed. One audience member asked about the possibility of the clinic being a participant in sending a student for an abortion without parental approval or knowledge. Bannor’s answer was the same “No, if the student isn’t comfortable about telling you, then we can’t tell you

The 24 minute video below concentrates more on the audience questions and Bannor’s responses with a lot of the other yada-yada removed. For those who wish to watch the meeting in its entirety, we have provided a link below the video. You are also welcome to voice your concerns at where I have set up a Public Forum that is NOT affiliated with the school district in any way and therefore comments are not moderated.

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View the full length, unedited, 1.5 hour video HERE

You can also view the pdf file titled “Creating a School-Based Health Center in Round Lake Area School District 116” written by Brenda Bannor in which she goes into more detail about the proposed SBC by clicking HERE.

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