Pelosi, Reid, Obama and Duckworth Going After Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh running for re-election in the Illinois 8th Congressional District
Rep. Joe Walsh running for re-election in the Illinois 8th Congressional District
Last week, we learned that top Democrats in Congress like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their close friends are financially maxing out to Tammy Duckworth in an attempt to take out Joe Walsh.  Now we have learned that President Obama himself is targeting Joe, the leading conservative voice among the Tea Party.

 Once again, today he showed why they want him out so badly as he voted to proceed with the full year payroll tax extension, not the short-term solution offered by the Senate.  This vote, like all the others he has cast since elected, shows his commitment to lower taxes.  This bill ensures that Americans will continue to receive a $1000 tax cut in the coming year, not the $167 outlined in the Senate bill.

 Yet, Democrats continue to play politics.  Obama not only blames the Tea Party as the reason behind Boehner’s turn against the Senate bill, but Joe specifically – read here.

 When Joe announced his re-election for the 8th district, he became the number one target for Democrats.  Make no mistake: they will do whatever it takes to ensure Joe Walsh and his supporters are silenced.

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  • LCTruth

    and rightfully so. Don’t forget the people of the new 8th are also going after him.
    Now stop writing about him and cover the 10th and your own district.
    Keep your blog relevant.
    Merry Christmas

  • Gene Carey

    LC ~ I wasn’t aware that Walsh’s current term, representing this district, had come to an end so soon. For some reason I was under the misguided impression that he had another year to go. Think maybe I will continue covering him for that period of time. When the new 10th District candidates start working their way out to my neighborhood I will be ready to attend their functions as well. 🙂

    Did you read that Darlene Ruscitti exited the race for the 8th District?

    Instead, Darlene will be spearheading the Illinois Republican Party’s Victory operation. In that capacity, she will be responsible for the most important aspects of insuring Republican victories up and down the ballot across the state.

  • LCTruth

    Yes we know his term in the old 8th still has a year to go, but we are thinking and acting 10th already. While I am not a fan of Dold, he is much better than Walsh.

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