Pet Vaccination & Micro-Chipping Clinic 9-7-13


Pet vaccination & micro-chipping clinic 9-7-13
Pet vaccination & micro-chipping clinic 9-7-13

The Avon Township Community Foundation held a pet vaccination and micro-chipping clinic similar to those they have scheduled in the past. Thanks to Hainesville’s Mayor Linda Soto, this one was held at the Hainesville Village Hall in the large 2.5 car garage behind the main building. Before the 9;00 AM start, pet owners had already lined up around the building and cars spilled over into the neighboring parking lot.


I didn’t arrive until the last 45 minutes and even then the pet owners kept arriving at a fairly steady pace. I was told that 200 rabies certificates were issued at the low-cost offered at these clinics. There were quite a number of volunteers on hand so the lines kept moving at a decent pace. The video below includes many still photos supplied by the Foundation’s President, Wendy Warden, that allowed me to put together a longer video for everyone to enjoy. The video is a mixture of wide-angle videos along with a lot of tall photos taken with a different camera so I had to settle on a 4×3 layout rather than a wide-angle 16×9. Click on the little square box in the lower right corner of the video to watch it “full screen”.


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