Planting The Avon Township Community Garden

Saturday was the final get together of volunteers to put the finishing touches on this years Avon Community Garden and Food Pantry Production Farm which is just one of the many projects of the Avon Township Community Foundation headed by Wendy Warden. Two weeks ago quite a number of vegetable rows were planted but since the community garden has doubled in size this year it took a second volunteer day to wrap things up. Plant contributions were excellent and the volunteers actually ran out of tilled soil to plant some of the items. With only one resident plot left still for lease, some more tomato plants were placed there. Smaller areas that were being set aside for some dwarf trees also received unexpected plants instead. Volunteers of all ages showed up to help including little Claire, 3-year old daughter of Cynthia and Mike. Proudly sporting her new straw hat, Claire planted quite a number of tomato plants and would have stayed even longer had her parents not needed to leave.

3 year old Claire
Three year old Claire was so excited about planting tomatoes that she didn't want to leave
Avon Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling
Sam Yingling


Avon Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling
, spent the bulk of the day helping at the garden bringing with him a whole lot of additional large tomato plants. Now that’s an elected official that walks the walk!

Volunteers took a break around 2:00 to woof down some goodies from Italian Ovens, thanks to Supervisor Yingling.

Avon Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling
Avon Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling, spent the day volunteering at the garden

Along with planting more rows of vegetables, David fired up his neat little rototiller and cleaned up around the plants that were planted two weeks ago.

David's neat little rototiller
David's neat little rototiller runs out of gas which required a run to the gas station

Volunteer Mark shows three year old Claire and her brother, two year old budding reporter Mike, how to properly plant tomatoes which Claire loved doing.

Mark teaches 3-year old Claire and 2-year old Mike, who was taking notes, how to plant tomatoes.

Wendy Warden poses with her good friend Cynthia, who along with her husband Mike, came with Claire and little Mike to see where their plot was located and volunteer their services.

Wendy Warden and her friend Cynthia
Wendy Warden and her friend Cynthia who, with her husband Mike, have their own plot
Volunteers completed the planting of the 2011 Season Community Garden
Rain was in the forecast but you can't count on Mother Nature!
Many of the resident's plots are looking good with many trying to maximize their 10x20 space
Another one of the private plots rented by Chef Tim is well put together and utilizing all of the space


This is just the start of a long garden growing season which will require many additional hours of tending to weeds, tying up tomato plants, watering, and harvesting ripe vegetables. Volunteers will be needed all season long to help make this a bountiful year. Last years harvest netted close to 2,000 pounds and this years goal is to exceed 3,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for food pantry participants. Please consider signing up as a volunteer by contacting Wendy at the Foundation = 224-338-9240

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