Plenty of Helicopter Activity Lately in RLB

Checking Com Ed wires from the air

If you live in the Round Lake Beach area you have probably noticed an increase in helicopter activity. One thing about those ‘birds’ is that they make plenty of noise when hovering overhead.

Today, when I was about to start shoveling the small amount of snow that came down overnight, I saw one of those ‘birds’ appearing in the skyline. While it stopped to hover I ran inside and grabbed my camera to get a little footage and see if there were any identifying numbers on it. As it turned out they were probably just checking out the Commonwealth Edison wires that run between Clarendon and Hawthorne like they have done many times in the past. Either that or else they were looking for dog walkers on the jogging path that were not cleaning up after their pets.

The little bugger was rather hard to capture up close!
YouTube Preview Image

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