PNC Bank Fails Customer Satisfaction Survey

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On several occasions I have received calls from my bank which is PNC Bank at the corner of Route 83 and Rollins Road asking me if I am satisfied with their service. I have banked at this location since 1985 and they have changed names several times over those years. I told them several times that I miss the ATM that was inside the lobby area and why I hate using the drive -through ATM. They give the usual “Thank you for your suggestions” but have done nothing about them.

The service and personnel have always been very nice and efficient IF you need to go inside to talk to someone. But what about the majority of the time when you merely use the ATM drive-through to complete a deposit or withdrawal? I have told them time and again (once even having a manager come around from inside) that the ATM is set TOO FAR BACK and it is next to impossible to touch the keypad, let alone the screen, to complete a transaction. This has been the same situation for years and anyone who is wearing a suit jacket, sports jacket, or a long coat will find it impossible to raise their arm very far out the window when they are sitting on the tail of their coat or jacket.

Over the years they have updated the software, the latest being to give you your card back immediately after inserting it so that you don’t drive off without it. BUT, anybody with half a brain looking at the machine couldn’t miss the fact that the black lettering on the (Braille) keypad has worn away and if you have never used an adding machine or an old telephone you may not know the numbering sequence.

The only part of the numbers on the keypad you can see from your car are the few remaining black painted areas
The only part of the numbers on the keypad you can see from your car are the few remaining black painted areas

My biggest complaint to PNC Bank has been the fact that even with a steel/concrete bumper installed ahead of the machine they WILL NOT pull the machine out further from the wall so that it is easier to access. I was in line today behind two cars. The lady at the ATM was hanging out her door using her right hand to punch her numbers in (the right hand being even further from the machine which was on her left). It took her quite a long time to complete her transaction. When the man in front of me moved up to the ATM machine he opened his door which banged against the wall, surely removing some of his paint. He then stood outside his car to complete his transaction, probably due to the heavy coat he had on that wouldn’t allow for an extended arm’s reach. So, my question to PNC BANK is: “Is this supposed to be a drive-through or a walk-up ATM?”  If it’s a drive-through then why don’t you make it convenient for your customers instead of it being such a hassle to use?

This customer got out of his car in order to use PNC Bank's drive-through ATM
This customer got out of his car in order to use PNC Bank’s drive-through ATM

I guess we may have to wait until the building gets bulldozed for the intersection reconstruction and hope that wherever they end up moving to they will get a new keypad and someone who knows how to insert the machine properly in the wall. In the meantime PNC Bank doesn’t need to bother calling this long-time customer because they have done nothing to improve the drive-through experience.

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