PNC Bank Closes Round Lake Beach Branch

Leaves Area With NO ATMs Available for Current Depositers

Today at 3:00 PM the local PNC Bank located at 801 E. Rollins Road in Round Lake Beach officially closed their doors for good. This was brought about due to the upcoming reconfiguration of the intersection at the corner of Rollins Rd. and Route 83. With a future railroad overpass over Rollins Road, Route 83 will shift Easterly thus the PNC Bank building is scheduled to be demolished. Another casualty is the small strip mall where Payless Shoes was located (and has already vacated).

I arrived at PNC Bank today at 2:15 to make one last deposit, having been a customer at that location since 1985. There was a medium size moving truck in the lot that they were loading the drive-thru ATM onto after disassembling it. For about the tenth time I asked the people working inside if PNC Bank was going to have a local ATM available or at least share one that we wouldn’t be charged a fee to use. Again the answer was NO. I had their last letter with me which states “You can look forward to the same personal service you expect from PNC Bank at your new branch, as well as convenient account access at more than 7,300 PNC Bank ATMs with no transaction fees” I ‘bolded” the word “convenient” on purpose because I don’t consider driving to Grayslake, Fox lake, or Antioch ‘convenient” when all I want to do is deposit a check or draw out a few bucks at any particular hour of the day without paying a fee to use someone elses ATM.

PNC Bank was reportedly in talks to re-open in the vacant Blockbuster building in front of Garden Fresh Market on Rollins Road but for whatever reason that never materialized. Instead they have thumbed their noses at the residents of the Round Lake Area and said “Good-Bye”, enjoy the drive to the nearest branch!

The 2011 census shows the following population for the villages that they are thumbing their noses at:
Round Lake = 18,365
Round Lake Beach = 28,289
Round Lake Heights = 2,678
Round Lake Park = 7536

That’s a total of 56,868 residents that they feel that they can survive without. PNC Bank suggests that we use our “new” branch, meaning one in a neighboring town. How far is that “new” branch and how long will it take to get there and back?

Double the following figures to get “round trip” mileage and travel time and then decide whether you are going to do as I did today and open up an account elsewhere here in town (distances below are calculated from 801 Rollins Rd to the other branch).

Grayslake branch, 202 Center St. = 3.49 miles, 7 minutes
Fox Lake branch, 66 E. Grand = 7.36 miles, 17 minutes
Antioch branch, 574 W. Rt 173 = 7.42 miles, 14 minutes

Join me in saying "So Long" to PNC Bank
Join me in saying “So Long” to PNC Bank

While depositing money in my separate tax escrow account at NorWest Bank which I have had an account at for over 40 years when they were Round Lake Bank on Goodnow in downtown Round Lake, I opened up a new checking account. I hope that others join me and find a local bank or credit union and send a STRONG message that we are divorcing PNC Bank just like they did us.

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