Popcorn, Ice Cream, Socializing at Oak Hill’s Outdoor Movie Night

An enjoyable evening for those of us who remember the outdoor movie theaters

Outdoor movie night at Oak Hill Supportive Living Community
Outdoor movie night at Oak Hill Supportive Living Community

Oak Hill Supportive Living Community’s on-site sales manager, Stephanie Tintner, thought it would be fun to treat the house guests to an old-fashioned outdoor movie night like many of us seniors recall having so much fun at. Although Oak Hill does have a beautiful indoor media room with some of the latest movies in their collection, it’s still not the same as being out on the patio enjoying the company of your neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, Stephanie also thought it would be a nice community gesture to invite local residents to bring their blankets and sit out on the beautifully landscaped back yard to enjoy the movie as well. On top of that, it was even decided to treat everyone to free popcorn, ice cream, and cold water. You should have been there when the Good Humor truck pulled in, with the music playing, to see the kids faces light up (us adults too!).

Although the event was announced to begin at 8:00 it was necessary to wait until darkness set in so that the movie screen could be seen by those sitting on the patio and everybody could grab some treats. Once the movie got started everybody settled in, many wrapping themselves in the blankets that they brought to sit on, sprayed themselves with bug spray, and enjoyed the movie. Since it was the first time Oak Hill has done something like this it’s hard to gauge just how much promotion should be done. Too much might result in a crowd whose vehicles might have spilled over into neighboring lots and caused some hard feelings if lawn space was not available to sit on. Thus, some simple feelers were sent out for those of us like myself to announce to our readers. It will now be up to Oak Hill to analyze the results and decide if it is something that they will plan on doing again in the future. I, for one, had a very enjoyable time.

Below is just a short video of a few photos and clips I took.

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