Rene Hernandez Jr. Launches 11th Hour Hail Mary

Rene Hernandez, Jr. candidate for Lake County Board District 16
Rene Hernandez, Jr. candidate for Lake County Board District 16
With his campaign struggling, District 16 Lake County Board candidate Rene Hernandez, Jr threw a Hail Mary in local area mailboxes Saturday. Hernandez joined other candidates who have elected to go negative at the last hour, knowing that debates and forums have come to a close (and no more need for niceties).

The flier says “At Wednesday night’s meeting, District 46 board members Voted 6-1 in favor of censure or public disapproval of Michael Carbone for his oath violation” My first reaction was OMG, what has District 46 School Board member, Michael Carbone done now to deserve such humiliation. What the flier fails to mention is that this is year-old news and nothing to write home about or even use it as a desperate attempt to save your election bid.

Rene Hernandez Jr. joins the D46 School Board in censoring "transparency"
Rene Hernandez Jr. joins the D46 School Board in censoring "transparency"

Back in March, 2011, when there was a lot going on with teacher’s union issues, Carbone simply put in a request asking how many teachers called in sick the day of the big teacher rally. WOW, that was really a terrible thing to ask, I guess. Most of us would call it “transparency” which is what Carbone advocated in his bid to become a school board member. With the deck stacked against him on the D46 school board, Carbone has found it to be a difficult journey.

If you would like to see what Rene Hernandez, Jr. thinks is such a horrible thing (transparency) and worth using in the eleventh hour, watch the video below.

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Rene Hernandez Jr. steals some shut-eye during D16 candidate forum
Rene Hernandez Jr. steals some shut-eye during D16 candidate forum

Voters will have to decide whether they would rather have someone in office who believes in transparency and is willing to get answers no matter what the cost, or would they rather have someone who was literally invisible during all the recent candidate forums and even had difficulty staying awake during his own candidate forum. More videos of the year old school board meeting and the story that went with them is available for viewing HERE.

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  • Connor McManus

    By reading this piece it shows that Mr.Carey is not following this race very close or is personally involved in the race. I got the same mailer prompting me to look into the issue. It was a year ago that Mr. Carbone was censured, but not for asking how many teachers called in sick. The Daily Herald article states that it was for trying to get computer passwords to someone running for the school board. Which is more serious than asking how many people called in from work. I also don’t know where Mr. Carey gets that Mr. Hernandez’s campaign is struggling or desperate. Looking on the state clerk site I see the amount of money that Mr. Hernandez has raised, but nothing about Mr. Transparency (Carbone)no D-2 to be found. I see signs everywhere, sure they cost money, where did he get it from? Now I am not here to stump for one or the other, just trying to get some truth in media.

  • Gene Carey

    From Grayslake Patch:
    ”Board member Carbone requested from district administration the number of teachers who were not at school on that day (Feb. 22),” Garcia said. “He was told that he would not be provided with that information until it had been reviewed by Superintendent Correll. Carbone said that he had been told that a large group of teachers were attending the Union rally in Madison and that he wanted to determine if that was true.”

    A cell phone call that was traced to a Marchell Norris had inquired about access to school records but the call did not come from Carbone. Others attempted to connect him to the request but it was never proven.

    Hernandez has stated that he will make the position his full-time job, yet he is as difficult to find as Melissa Bean was. I wish them both well on Tuesday.

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