Rep. Walsh: “Let’s Make A Deal” straw poll

Congressman Joe Walsh took a straw poll of his constituents to see just how they wanted him to vote on the debt ceiling which has caused a lot of debate in Washington. The “Let’s Make A Deal” type poll offered four ‘doors’ to choose from with Door #3 being favored with 55% of those voting.

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  • LC Truth

    Of course his straw poll questions were parsed to elicit the responses he wanted to hear. I could have asked the question differently and heard the answer I want to hear. No magic with this guy.

    Breaking News this morning (7/28) this deadbeat dad owes his ex over $100K in back child support.

    Those of us who critically think issues and not make irrational decisions based on emotion knew this was/is a man who does not walk his talk.

    116 it is time to stop covering this menace. Even if he were a good politician, he is not in your district anymore.

  • Gene Carey

    Thanks for stopping by again, LC. Personally, I thought the questions simply stated various choices that were being suggested in Washington and he even threw in a fourth one that someone in the front section suggested. Sure, those in attendance were undoubtedly his followers so it may have been slightly biased but the open invitation to attend was not limited to just supporters.

    As far as not paying his ex-wife, neither of us know the details behind that. Maybe she doesn’t allow him to see the kids as agreed on, etc. Let the lawyers work on that issue.

    Yes, if the redistricting map holds up to a court challenge, Walsh WON’T be ‘our’ representative after 2012, but until then he IS our rep and covering him sure keeps the overall site traffic humming along 🙂

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