Rep. Walsh Votes “NO” On Senator Reid Plan


Rep. Walsh Votes NO on Reid Plan
Rep. Walsh Votes NO on Reid Plan

Press Release:

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-08) voted against Mr. Reid’s plan to raise the debt ceiling. It failed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 173 to 246.

Of his vote, Walsh stated, “The House of Representatives has passed two bills to address the debt ceiling already, and still the Senate has done nothing. The Reid plan, with its $1 trillion in imaginary savings and a $2.4 trillion blind increase in the debt ceiling, is a non-starter with the American people. In fact, it’s even a non-starter with Mr. Reid’s fellow Senators, as the Senate has not even voted on it, let alone passed it.”

“The only plan to receive bi-partisan support is the Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan. It is the only plan that will tackle Washington’s reckless spending habits and ensure the continued growth and success of our great country. And the credit rating agencies have made it clear that it is the only plan that will preserve America’s AAA credit rating. If Mr. Reid and the President were at all serious about preventing default and an economic crisis, then they would have voted on, passed, and signed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.”

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  • tim

    Sure, let’s let the guy who falls $110,000 behind in child support and forecloses on his home lecture us about fiscal responsibility…

  • LC Truth

    The intelligent people of the district knew his stardom was going to be short-lived. Time for this deadbeat to resign.

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