Rep. Yingling Discusses Legislative Updates At Townhall

A Lot of People Questioned Yingling’s Vote on Pension Reform

IL State Representative Sam Yingling
IL State Representative Sam Yingling

On Sunday, May 5, 2013, State Representative Sam Yingling held a local townhall meeting at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center. During the hour and fifteen minute meeting Yingling talked about several bills that he has sponsored since first becoming elected to represent the 62nd District. He also talked about the pension reform bill that he voted in favor of which was drawn up by Michael Madigan and now goes to the State Senate for their approval or modification. There were a number of teachers and former teachers in the three dozen members of the audience who were not too happy about Yingling’s “yes” vote on the pension bill.

Another hot topic that was touched on was “concealed carry” with an equal number in favor and against the idea. Some expressed concern with having multiple rules for different Counties and how hard that would be for law-abiding citizens to remain law-abiding when travelling outside of their permitted use area.

The large Banquet Room at the RLB Cultural & Civic Center is not user friendly when it comes to proper lighting for shooting videos and today it was also not friendly to the audio system with both mics they tried using causing excess feedback. Thus Yingling and audience members were oftentimes hard to hear if they didn’t speak loudly. My video camera allows me to enhance the mic but in doing so it also enhances the heating and cooling system blowers that run almost constantly in the Banquet Room. You will hear the ventilation fans running throughout the video since reducing the audio would prevent hearing what some of the audience members were saying.

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  • Ed F.

    Thanks for posting! We love staying connected to what’s happening when we’re unable to attend local events like this one.

    Audio problems are common in that venue, but where else could we host such an event in RLB?

  • by Gene Carey

    I agree with you, Ed. The Cultural Center is a lovely place and we are extremely fortunate to have it in our area. I only made mention of the lighting and audio to explain why the video is a bit sub-par. The best place I have found for shooting a decent video is the Avon Township Center which has such good overhead lighting. I will be there tonight at 7:00 for a Special Meeting which has been called to address recent spending issues such as the March (campaign) Newsletter and other credit card policies.

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